First Or Last

I searched behind my rocking chair
To see if the keys to my car were hiding there
Then I looked into my washing machine
Checked the worn pockets of my old blue jeans
Rummaged the sofa in the living room
Hope I find those car keys really soon
Groping under and around the T.V. set
I cussed and fussed but haven't found them yet
Looking in the bedroom down on my knees
I found not hide nor hair of those darn keys
I pulled out and looked behind the refrigerator
Sweating and searching, must find them sooner or later
Looking around the room scratching my head I think
Why don't I just look under the kitchen sink
Empty-handed I checked the closet in the hall
Frantically I searched but found nothing at all
Rolling back and looking underneath the rug
Maybe they would be hiding there as snug as a bug
In a flower pot by the door hanging on a hook
It was the last place that I finally looked
I found my keys after what seemed hours
of searching and fuss
Then I told myself that the next time
I would always look in the last place first

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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