First Seven Days Of Love

On the first day they give a touch
To let rise their blush
Guided by the dance of their heart
Pointing to the exit of the dark

On the second day they swap kisses
To show them part of their wishes
Their hands come close from faces
To feel the softness of the places

On the third day they go to bloom
In the loving madness of a room
The bodies are bare for begun
In the midst of a glaring sun

On the fourth day they throw out ghosts
To make free will of their busts
Feeling their ribs under their hands
On a melody that never changed

On the fifth day they go to sources
To unchained old-fashioned rules
There are still the waves of honey
There are still fireworks for today

On the sixth day they go to the look
To enlighten with grace their book
Dipping their eyes into the gleam
Of their breath passing on other seams

On the seventh day they find their dove
Sitting on the corner of the cove
Observing them booming inside love
Day after day safeguarded by Jove

by Etienne Dugland

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