First Sight.

'Silence please,
Brain at work.'
Running nose sneeze
Pages click
Dragged shoes hiss
Sweaty pens drop
Eyes peep into the abyss
Of knowledge from atop
B-o-r-e-d, sooo b-o-r-e-d.

Legs gleaming
Breast budding
Hips bulging
Eyes twinkling.

Looking for something?
Yes! Literature books.

Voice soothing
Smile radiating
Beauty striking.

Read this Lady!
Thank you!

Her heart simmering
My heart thawing.

Which year Gent?
Fourth, and you?
Nice to meet you Lady!
Here, call me for assistance.
Sure, Gent!

Her shoes tapping
As she goes sitting.

Shelves creaking
Clock ticking
Ladies giggling
Phone buzzing
Course-mate calling
I, out walking
And i go Yawning.

by Bieze Josphat

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