'The Great Star'

I'm looking down but no one seems to mind...
The murmuring brook, the singing bird, the gentle rain;
The placid lake... the river running deep,
All I care for they are mine.

I shine for you and I always do,
The stillness of the night can say;
'It's all the world to see'...
But it's sad; you marvel not,
The brilliance of the night unseen.

Then 9/11 came and up the sky,
You looked at me and asked me Why?
And from above I'd like to say...
Your love ones are with me today,
Don't be so sad; for they are mine.

by Rudan A. Matiga

Comments (3)

(First Snow by Matsuo Basho.) **Mind engaging.
Wow great imagery, half completed bridge....
one of Basho jewells!