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First Thoughts
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

First Thoughts

So here I go
Im just going to write whatever comes to mind
The first thoughts in my head
Is dame its like 5: 30 in the morning
And I havent gone to sleep yet
Thank god I dont have to work tomorrow
My eye lids are getting tired
I keep on yawning it just wont stop
I can see the sky now
I sun is starting to rise
Aww the fresh smell of morning dew
The birds are cherping
The newspaper is thrown at my door
Startles my dogs they bark twice
Lay back down and lay there head to rest
Oh how that looks so comfortable
I just want to lay down
Yet I cant get the motivation to get up
Maybe ill just sleep right here
Rest my head on my desk
While this music runs through my head
I can barely move this pen now
I cant think of anything to say now
So here I go
It's off to day dreaming land
Ashley O

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Ever have one of those nights appairently we all do! ! ! ! ! !
though so tired you're still alert