TH (5-24-83 / MO)

First Time

i live life in solitude
get on craigslist for a prostuite
comes on over
and ask her for her favorite tune
she ask whats wrong with you
i said nothing
just feeling blue
how bout you

she says
i see the tear in your eye
she ask
do you want me to say goodbye

I say im just feeling it out
maybe you can hang around
we can talk it out

said i was drunk
looked like i wanna hit the floor
she ask for the money
said wait a second
before you hit the door

she says why should i
with a tear in my eye
softly i say
cause i hate goodbyes
iv had enough in my life

So she sits
and we talk
about alot of things
but im still on the clock

try and make it short
before she makes me broke

once im done
i had not came
but she helped out
for i feel a bit more sane

She says
thats a first for me
a night of honsty

i pay her time
she gave me pleasure
she walks out the door saying
first time for money
with no rubber

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