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First Time
JT (29/01/1982 / United Kingdom)

First Time

Poem By Joseph Tanner

I have a tattoo that says No Regrets,
A lie if I ever heard one.
We can’t live on life without regrets,
We can only learn from them.
I lied to myself for my first time,
I didn’t love or feel attracted to,
I did not know what to do.
I wanted to lose my virginity,
An anchor on my life that it was,
I laid on my stomach,
Awaiting him to enter.
I felt sick has he gently entered me,
Wanting it to be over,
He kept asking if I were alright?
I screamed with joy,
I moaned and groaned,
Not knowing what else to do.
When it came to an end,
It left me feeling empty.
My virginity was taken,
Leaving me with a bigger anchor for love.

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