# First Time I Missed A Heart Beat...

At fourteen I was just too ill at ease,
Tall for my age, boys would constantly tease…
They would snigger, and say here comes giraffe
I wished like Alice, I could shrink, as they laughed.

At a distance I saw a handsome new comer,
Glance at those boys with kind of displeasure.
Briefly our eyes met, and I felt he said,
I am here you really need not be afraid…

To my surprise, in the chemistry lab,
I discovered we had been paired.
Clumsily we tried to study our salts
There was some commotion in my heart…

Gradually we started to walk to school,
At times go for a swim to the near by pool.
One day he showed up at my door,
And self consciously asked for a favour.

Could I help him with homework,
As alone he found it hard to focus.
As soon as we were alone our eyes met,
He wanted to say something, but was hesitant.

Awkwardly he pulled me and planted a kiss
Before I could avert my face, on my lips.
After he left, I felt a kind of liquid heat
And blood travel up to my cheeks…

I felt warm and I think I blushed
Could it be I had my first crush?
Just then my naughty younger sister came
And said you look silly smiling to yourself.

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (8)

I felt warm and I think I blushed Could it be I had my first crush? Rachel Ann Butler
How charming this poem is, a fourteen year old girl longing for her first love, thanks for this, 10 Lynda xx
This 43 years old love story still sizzles.........wonderful nostalgia....you filled us with
lolzzzzzzzz..........hehe..........well penned mam......suerly...i must be looking silly too now
Adequate 'common salt' in this 'spicy' chemistry lab recipe... most readers would sport similar silly smiles on reading this piece, Mamta...me for one, for sure...10
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