First Time In A Long Time

Today I danced while cooking
kind of slow, hesitant at first
like the kids smiles
watching mom-dad

Then I sang a few bars
my angels now smiling broadly
singing along

enjoyed my wine
first time in a long time

Thought about sex
while grilling a steak
sizzling and juicy
thought about love
while tossing a salad
mixed greens and carrots of red

the cooking fed the kids
and warmed my heart
for the first time
in a long time.

by alex haywood

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Comments (2)

I guess he was stil feeling the affects of the wine when he wrote this piece. I can't imagine him doing it with other than a smile on his face. This writer is comfortable with his work and that makes the reader comfortable too. GW62
Iam building a picture here having read your first three lost of feeling in these words disguised as normality. This is sign posting were you don't actually say whats going on but make it in metaphors. Séamus