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Firt Kiss Part 2
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Firt Kiss Part 2

Poem By Not Long Left

do your remember your first kiss?
was it pure, fresh bliss,
or an horrfic near miss.
did your heart stop,
or did the peny drop,
where you left weak with lust,
or sick with disgust.
did you keep your eyes open,
or shut them tight,
was it in a dark bedroom,
or in broad day light.
was it everything the movies made it out to be,
or a sloppy lip nipping personal tradegy,
did they look into your eyes with contentment,
or shudder and frown with resentment.
did you hold hands and walk of in sweet innoncent bliss,
or go seperate way vowing never to kiss

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frankly speaking quite a shallow poem.