Fish Fever

This week end I went fishing
A fish in mind to catch
I went wishing, wishing, wishing
To catch a perfect catch

I wanted to catch the big one
The one that always gets away
I waited under the hot, hot sun
I waited for that fish all day

Then there was a pull on my line
The pull so full of magic
It made me think mine, mine, mine
Me, the fisherwoman classic

This fish was big I could feel
Big and strong, a winners tale
All I had to do was reel, reel, reel
In order not to fail

Me and this fish fought a moment
Tugging and yanking, pulling and reeling
Until I screamed net! Net! NET!
Is this a winners feeling?

In that moment I knew that it was this
The moment I caught the one that got away
I caught it, I caught it, I caught it
Fishing fever is what I caught that day

by Cheré Mason

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