Fish For Dinner

Fritz the fisherman fished for fresh fish
did that dull day discover the dish
which wife Wendy was working with wisk
stirring sage into sauce at some risk
gentle grilling goes great, gee, good grief
basting butter beats ba-na-na leaf.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

An Irishman said when he read this, 'whale oil bee forked! '
I'll bet you smiled all the while you were writing this one, Herbert. It is a fun read. Raynette
What a wonderful alliterative write Herbert, deserves to be read aloud to appreciate its humourous flow. Kind regards, Justine.
A smiler: that's what I like to see, Herbs. Thanks for bringing us your poems today - we missed you yesterday (well, I did, anyway) . Love, Gina.