Dubai - The Most Beautiful City

No wonder If I say You are the most beautiful city of the world Among the other ones. You are the land of goodness and Prosperity. You are the queen of the east and the The rare diamond that shines For ever where The Arabian Gulf runs. You are hugging all flowers, all roses, all plants, And all fragrance after light showers. You are the east's pretty golden sands. You are the jasmine in its freshness and greenness. You are the world's song and talk And no wonder. You are the pure pearl ever seen. Your people are the most generous and the best You are the green oasis in the heart of The golden desert. You are the dear mother whose people never forget. You are the most beautiful portrait made by The best man. You are so dear to me. I never forgot you When I visited you twenty years ago. In the desert's heart You are a brilliant diamond sitting that You have a known address. Only here I see you the pretty pearl. You are the happy dream that turned you Into a paradise. In my heart I always keep love To you. You deserve to be named the world's star. In its lovely heart everyone dwells, In its eyes everyone is seen, And it smells fragrant. You are the smiling image of nature. You are all the world's precious treasures. You are the east's real taste. You are DUBAI, the queen of the east. DUBAI is -the most beautiful city - the only pearl.


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Great poem with a touch of reality and true emotions. Great write.