DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Fishees Underwater

Fish have many pretty colors, they live beneath the waves
Some fish seem to swim in schools while others live in caves
Some are short and some are small and some are stringy thin
Some of them are wide and tall and some just dig right in.

There's not much light beneath the waves of all our great big seas,
But all the fish don't seem to mind, they somehow still can see
Plants live down there, under water and make things seem so nice,
That all the fishes dance around and always check things twice.

Some fish swim deep down there, others they just won't
Some of them seem unafraid, but most of them just don't
Some fish have large shiny teeth, some have none at all
Some of them swim hastily, while others only crawl.

Of all the fish and animals my favorite is a star fish
If I find one on the beach, I stop and make a wish
I pick them up and throw them back, far out into the ocean
And hope they learn to not return, or repeat that silly notion.

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Comments (7)

Cute children's poem. As Terry Craddock says, would go well in a children's book with illustrations.
Refreshing with simple rhyme, this poem would easily suit a children's book with background pictures, which children would especially adore, a nice fun poem to start the day :)
Terrific poem, written in a child-like style that suits it perfectly and makes it fun to read. Well done. Could be polished a little, but too much would surely diminish it. Great as is.
Nice poem dedicated to fish....
Beautiful narrative describing different species of fishes and pointing out poet's liking for star fish. Enjoyed the uncommon theme and the poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
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