Fishing And Wishing

I often wonder when looking up high,
where do fishes go when they die?
I know I'm closer to God when I'm fishing.
When I'm alone out there in the wild.
For I say my prayers and make my wishing;
I see the beauty of nature that is mild,
A beauty that is far beyond compare,
The beauty of nature that is everywhere
Have you ever seen an eagle soaring high above the river?
Where the rapids go on and on forever
Does the fawns prancing in the forest
Heard the birds join the jubilant ?
The fire flies lighting up a field of corn.
Or frost on the pumpkin in the early morn
I've seen it all and heard their call
In summer, winter, spring, and fall.
I've traveled through the mountains and the hills
I've fished the rivers and the rills.
I've often caught my limit of five or seven
And wonder, Do fish ever go to Heaven?
I hope the fish forgive Me when I die,
For I've asked forgiveness from God on high
Pray to God when I take that final sleep
That I'll think I'm really big enough to keep.

by LeRoy F. Oates

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