Fishing Fun

Our fishing trips arn't fruitful,
but they're always lots of fun.
We always have a story
about losing 'the big one'.

Most of the time we're casting
while dad says 'Watch your pole!
To be a real good fisherman
you have to play the role! '

'You can't keep reeling in your bait.
Patience is the key.
If you just stare right at the tip...
You'll get will see.'

'Stop making noise! ', 'Stop fidgeting! '
'Who drank up all my pop? ? ? '
'Don't hit her! ' and 'Don't look at him! '
'This fighting's got to stop! ! '

Just when we reach the fishing hole
of course you need to pee! !
Next week we'll try it all again!
It'll be fun... REALLY... You'll see!

by Mary Nagy

Comments (4)

I always say that fishin's fun...and sometimes I catch fish! Cute poem, Mary.
This is really good. I used to fish and my dad was always telling me I was doing it wrong. Thoses were the good old days eh? Love Becky
Do you fish yourself Mary? , this is a tale of family fun and a moment to reflect, Brilliant in my opinion, Love Duncan
Everyone in my family got a kick out of this one when I read it for my dad's birthday, Mary. Even my husband, who doesn't fish. My 3 year old caught the biggest bass on the Pond, too, so maybe it was good luck.