EH (July 5th 1986 Cancer's Stand Up! / Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Fishing Trip

I went on a fishing trip today
Accompanied only by the rising sun who had just pulled back the covers of the horizon
The intended catch of the day…?
Young minds

Equipped with the essential tools of the trade,
I was primed and ready
My pen served as my rod
Truth served as my bait
A delicacy no intuitive creature can resist

Having found the perfect spot to partake in this recreation,
I began casting my rod far as my mind would allow
Flicking my wrist with the precision of a Whitman or Thoreau
Patience is the key with this art form
Some of the greatest wait decades to get a bite

When the truth has you hooked, some struggle
They’re not ready to unplug from realities constructed by fallacy and insecurity
Gasping for air… lungs burning like hellfire due to the unfamiliarity
Fear sets in, a mind killer that can disintegrate you
But eventually, they let go

Once the mind is reeled in, everything changes
No longer do you conform to mainstream or fall into the bliss of ignorance
You notice the beauty around and inside of you
Suddenly the mind enjoys this ride
I should know

I’m speaking from experience
My chest was pierced with the truth not too long ago
I marvel at the scar every day and how it’s changed my existence
So I sit here, rod cast, baiting minds with my truth
Waiting patiently…

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Pablo Neruda

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Sure pen is mightier than sword.....and can catch many a young let what you write talk of the eteranl truths eteranl beauties lovely...