Fishing With Daddy

One day I walked with Daddy
Down by a little brook.
There he placed a big red worm
Upon my fishing hook.
We sat together 'neath a tree
And did some fishing there.
Daddy told me wondrous stories
Of hunting elk and bear.
He talked of when he was a boy -
Of roads and tunnels he would build.
How he would dream his day away
As he worked in the cotton field.
He spoke of foreign lands he'd seen -
How big ships come and go.
Of giant derricks, gushing oil,
And making angels in the snow.
He talked of Mom, his only love; How proud he was of me.
Of our country - as it was -so rich and wild and free.
When the sun was setting across the little brook,
We started homeward, hand in hand, with a worm still on my hook.

by Gloria H. Koplin

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