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my po'um
circadian rhythm as it hung around
a clockwork rotate,
two hands forged from centre mound

worked by chronological phases,
twenty-four give or fake
sleep deprived, brings new mistake

always moving, brought variation
packed in suitcase, no hesitation
alert to new habitats, no reprieve
eyes stay vigilant, pupils achieve...

tis melatonin, residing within
the glandular pinhead, bomb in a bin,
the rhythm of the ages, never outdone
suspended tween moon and the glorious sun,
watch the dew is my motto, have a taste of new shrub
soak your worries away in the chestnut-filled tub,
new gyrations cause friction as they add their delight
as we yield to addiction in the heat of the night.

In ecology, succession erupts well in the field
r or K be the motto, selection dependent on yield.
For rabbits and wolves react well to the moon
as do muscles and tussles and lovers
working long till the tide as it sires High Noon
in its haste where it hides under covers,
bring reminders in time, incubators laid in
humid ambience, science creation
nine more months brings arrival,
new life may begin
carries smiles and the thanks of a nation.

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By Herbs'n Planz - the pharmacy of the nature! :) Let's see what is their new magical infusion - some charming herbs of words collected by night in a full moon, among the wolves and owls. You are a great team! I have already told you I think. However, Fissle proves my opinion.