Let me take some rest
Upon your restless heartbeats
Worried am I or not
I know nothing
You with me to help me out

Cry I will and laugh will everybody
I dont care to hear

Nonsense is going on
And will on till I die
And rest my inkless pen in pain

Heavy my hand now
Light my mind without suitable syntax
No punctuation no restrictions no rhyme

Is it a poetry or a mad talk
A wastage of time and blue ink
Modern postmodern or beyond all genres
Who to judge and how

No answer but still
Some words do play in nonsense ground
And no reader to watch the match.


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Reading this poem I thought of my own Five. A.M. Poem. A serene time of morning our thoughts can be reflective of many life's unanswered questions or we could be at peace sensing the peace and harmony of that moment.
you have got the word in there Alan: 'space'.
Great expansive imagery!
......at five a.m. some very entertaining and wonderfully strange with vividly imaginative and sometimes disturbing thoughts can come into anyone's mind....but even more thought provoking is just where do thoughts come from....does anyone know....how does the mind create these thoughts faster than the speed of light...
A catalog of images stretching far beyond conventional limits. Excellent!
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