Colonial Mentality

The colonial mentality
Penetrated our mind and heart;
We as people felt inferior
Race after the raiders depart.

Such invaders like the Spanish
Had influenced our attitude;
We had followed their tradition,
Thinking that those customs were good.

After we were colonized by
The United States from the west;
Yes, another culture prevailed,
As we thought that it was the best.

After we were slaved by the men
From the land of the rising sun;
We thought that the Japanese were
Superior race with their own gun.

We believed that their products were
Practically in highest grade;
We were convinced to patronize
Everything that was Japan-made.

Spain, US, and Japan are just
Powerful and truly mighty;
This is the main reason why we
Have colonial mentality.

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'until you, wind whipped, and I, exhausted, could' - I was breathless at this syntactic mastery of line (not to mention, essentially, that it is one of many here) . There may be greater, more profound, interpretations (perhaps, even, inclusive of my own) , but the heated pyrotechnics of the relationship were destined not to last. Alas... Another beautifully implemented work, Christine.
i think these two lines say it all. a secret waiting to be told a moment too ripe, and needing to explde. excellent write a ten
until you, wind whipped, and I, exhausted, could no longer soar so much as glide into the plausibility of a painfully inevitable conclusion. perhaps that's what its about all we do is create our jurrasic parks, flashes of fantasies.... we are losing color assuming a lifelong die... we are born tranaparent... that's how we stay [ impact is too immense to please forgive the gibberish I'll come back some million times more]