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Five Folded Fluno
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Five Folded Fluno

What if my name was Marco Fluno?
What if I drank a flagon of ouzo?
What if I flew to the moon’s o’Juno?
Would you go with me then?
Could I be your friend?

What if names could prophesy
With midnight mushroom from enchanted lea?
Would you sail with me the wine-dark sea?
And would you abide a mad Corsican?
Could I bring you manna from heaven?

What if names like runes worked magick?
Would it change Fortune to comic from tragic,
Whether by charmchants beatific or bacchantic?
And would your garden confide its flower?
Could I, christened king, be your chosen avower?

What if Proteus changed the sea anew
When a course be named “far Xanadu”?
Would you be Capulet … I, Montague?
And would there be consecration to make?
Would your sacred-knife a song betake?

What if a name laurelled me Caesar?
Would I prove your Northern Star?
Would the Sphinx draw your moon-beamed car?
And would you dispatch an holy love-death?
Could I die in your beauty—give you my breath?

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A nice conceit, well-developed and constructed. It deserves much higher ratings than it got.