Five Friendly Flitterbye Fairies!

Five friendly fairies were twiddling their thumbs!
Agreeing quite wisely how tedium numbs!
'If only the humans believed we exist,
They'd wish on a star and our aid they'd enlist!
They'd welcome us fairies as five friendly folks!
They'd tell us new stories and jovial jokes!
They'd pour out their sorrows and thank God we cared!
They'd offer us sweeties for wisdom we shared!
They'd bring back the sparkle that once filled our wings!
They'd listen to songs that each flitterbye sings!
Us flitterbyes sit on their rooftops each night!
We know all their dreams while we're hid out of sight!
We used to be famous in forests worldwide!
But Man has sawed trees down, where can we abide?
If only us fairies could help in some way!
We can't keep on twiddling our thumbs night and day!
Let's help their computers! Let's send their emails!
Let's lead them to tutors! Both males and females!
If not, we'll all perish, forgotten, dismissed!
For nobody loves what has ceased to persist! '
So up stood the fairies as friendly could be,
Determined to help with elect trickery!
Bearing new emails they flew across space
Taking each thought to that one special place,
That one special person who loves fairies, too!
God blesses flitterbyes! How about YOU! ?

by Denis Martindale

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