One Love Of A Kind

All is fair in love and war, says this
So pure, so magical and yet so true
You fill me up and illuminate my surroundings;
This, my love is- One Love of a Kind.

A bond we share, unbreakable with time and distance
So deep, so mystical and yet so meaningful;
You make me lust and long for you;
This, my love is- One Love of a Kind.

by Qween Bee

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When True Poets Write/ They Knew They Were Forever... / Before They Were Read.
The Recognition/ Of This Species Called Mankind/ Amounts To Nothing.
You Don't See Me Now... / Recognition Seldom Comes/ During One's Lifetime.
Each one of the above haiku poems has a different theme. I have enjoyed reading these tiny poems since they provide an insight into variety of situations or conditions. Thanks.
Very nicely done! Love haikis!
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