Five Haiku

Poem By Paul Eluard

The wind
Rolls a cigarette of air

The mute girl talks:
It is art's imperfection.
This impenetrable speech.

The motor car is truly launched:
Four martyrs' heads
Roll under the wheels.

Ah! a thousand flames, a fire,
The light, a shadow!
The sun is following me.

A feather gives to a hat
A touch of lightness:
The chimney smokes.

Comments about Five Haiku

When True Poets Write/ They Knew They Were Forever... / Before They Were Read.
The Recognition/ Of This Species Called Mankind/ Amounts To Nothing.
You Don't See Me Now... / Recognition Seldom Comes/ During One's Lifetime.
Each one of the above haiku poems has a different theme. I have enjoyed reading these tiny poems since they provide an insight into variety of situations or conditions. Thanks.
Very nicely done! Love haikis!

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