Sacrifice For Success

You came to this world alone
You will walk on the road alone
No one has the key to your success
Except you alone
You have to know this bitter truth
Success is not meant for all
Only those who know the way
And are willing to tread on the path
Without the consideration of the pains
And are ready to sacrifice their all
Shall attain the level of success
If you are ready for the work at hand
You will truly become the success you want
The road is rough
It is tough
But never go off
By it, your success shall be made possible
Expect not your mother, nor your father
Your heart to heart or your comfort
You must know that the road must be walked alone
You are the only one to do the work of the goal
Your success awaits you
If you are ready to offer the sacrifice
Then go for it!

by Gbolagade Taiwo

Comments (21)

this is not my type of poem and it has been done before, that doesn't mean it is bad though
It is black humour at its best
This poem is bad and I think it sucks
Pseudo-clever, but untrue.
aha...what innovative ways! ! ! Love the way to put them so cleverly.
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