My Large Space Mind

If dream were my lovely time this world would be intact,
I breathe with delight without regret and am come back.
The time that we meet has put me in my large space mind.
It has made me realize how beautiful my friend would be?
You have a lovely time upon my heart I shall keep forever,
His distinct eyes intellect hints for us to be together.
If the midst of this pleasure I search for a reflecting mirror,
While the days become nights the image reveals clearer
I have been to place in his heart he thought he owned,
He would love my humor without hearing my voices,
As I rest with peace and determine the first word to say
I conclude with faith and feel the fresh air with this quote
"To leave for a short while and feel the air of my well being,
To soar to the heights and love a beautiful being

by Natasa Tocuc

Comments (21)

this is not my type of poem and it has been done before, that doesn't mean it is bad though
It is black humour at its best
This poem is bad and I think it sucks
Pseudo-clever, but untrue.
aha...what innovative ways! ! ! Love the way to put them so cleverly.
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