Can you spare a fiver?
It's not so much to ask.
For I need to feed my family,
A very difficult task.
Yes, I know it's very rude of me,
Yes, I konw I should be ashamed.
But I come From Africa,
Where the ground is as hard as clay.
And nothing will grow there,
Not a seed, not a shoot.
My children are starving to death,
I need to stop my family from breathing their last breath.
And I see you people riding out in your fancy cars,
Wearing your designer jewelry.
I feel like I'm on Mars.
So please spare me a fiver,
For I know you can afford it.
If not just let me starve,
And I'll let your conscience bare it.

by Sam Price

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I think this is a good poem about the unfairness of how some people get to live with so much while others go without. Thanks for posting it. Sincerely, Connie Webb