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Fixing Insanity

There I was hammering nails again
into the highway
When Marge walked up from behind
'Hey benchworm...making a fort, eh? '
That Marge she really
cooks my goose
It was three blind mice
all day long
thinking about honkin'
the juice, the old 'arooooogahh'
Hot as frying pan dodges,
wicked cornball stings fresh from
Ulysses S. Grant
then graduated decline of warm floods
Whittling stew bits
takes all kinds of time
So disassembly and debt
prevent change
and cracker quackers...DUCK!
Thank goodness for the sane
and exchange

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There is an Alice in Wonderland unexpectedness about this journey into the mind - where geese and ducks cohabit with Marge and Arooooogahh! A thoroughly frabjous poem. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
I don't really feel qualified to critique this poem but it is totally enjoyable and has a vivid sense of insanity about it - I laughed my Heaney off. There are so many funny little parts. Nice one Tailor.
Do you write humorous essays for the press? The sane, and the exchange! Both very important. But who defines the former? Loved 'whittling stew bits takes all kinds of time! ! Terrific. There is something ineffably unspecific about it. Plus the opening sequence is so palpable I could see you at your pointless work being approached by a very understanding and gracious lady! ! Loved it Tailor.
Got no idea what thats about, but it sounds happy and it suggests all kinds of possabilities. Somehow the idea of hammering nails into the highway, while pointless, doesn't strike me as insane - more like a good idea. Maybe I'm in need of a certificate.
Captured my the moment of temporary insanity. great write!
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