Fizzy Faith!

A fizzy faith's a busy faith - bubbling with new ideas!
It longs to save and so it's brave enough to conquer fears!
It does much more than just survive Man's plans for history!
A fizzy faith will surely thrive throughout eternity!
If someone else has fizzy faith they'll prove it beyond doubt!
Since Calvary, when God forgave, they want to shout it out!
They study what the Bible says! They search each prophecy!
They often focus with new prayers - God's lines are always free!
Perhaps they'll write a brand new song, or parable or verse!
Perhaps they'll choose to right a wrong so things do not get worse!
Perhaps they'll work behind the scenes - anonymous to most...
And though they act as go-betweens, they've lost the need to boast!
If you're like these then you'll behave as if your life's brand new!
Let God in Heaven increase your faith! Be a 'fizzy faither', too!
It's up to you to comprehend the Christian path God gives!
You know Lord Jesus is your friend! You know the Saviour lives!
Reach out to save lost souls from Hell! Unlock their chains by prayer!
Of all truths that Christ teaches well, His first is, 'LEARN TO CARE! '
That way you'll make a difference NOW! God's Love will prove the key!
Reflect on who, what, where and how! Fulfill YOUR destiny!

Denis Martindale October 2003.

by Denis Martindale

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