(12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

Flakes Of Lies

Flakes of lies slay the human soul
Leaving a yawning chasm
A huge void that collapses the moral
Compass that confers on people value and charm.

Flakes of lies peel off character
Built painstakingly to earn esteem
Among peers and supervisors who scatter
Hints of insincerity and abhor shame.

Flakes of lies are able to cheat
A few gullible souls over time but collapse
When their edifice loses balls and feet
Of clay as expiry time shreds to pieces its unseemly snaps.

Flakes of lies under no circumstances
Overcome the home of the unalloyed truth
Which seems to make slow advances
But eventually gathers steam and momentum to outsprint the uncouth.

by John Sensele

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