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Self immolation

Isn’t that what you do everyday?

To spread some light around

And show them the way?

Blind fools groping in darkness

Stumbling…falling…getting hurt

If it were not for you

Throwing some light around…guiding them

Will they ever remember

That it was you who gave them light

At a time they were fumbling

Not knowing what lies ahead

Yet you burn yourself out

At pyre of knowledge

Sharing what you know

Without a care

Lighting many earthen lamps

With your burning flame

The room glows brighter

When eager young faces shine

You know you’ve done your job

When you don’t see them again next year

In your class, in this room

They’ve moved on to greater heights

Some day when they come back

And tell you how good you’ve been

Passing on the flame of knowledge

That made them who they are

Someday, when they forgive your chiding

and red welts on palms

And realize the pains you took

In making them learn

You’ll feel that’s it’s justified

Your troubles forgotten for a while

Someday, when the oil gets diminished

And the wick shortened

You’ll bask in the glow

Of a thousand lamps lit!

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