Flames Of Hell

Poem By Loretta Doyle Smalley

Life is crazy.
People think that they know you just be looking at you.
The truth is, is that they don't.
They don't know who or what you really are.
Many people put on an act to fit in with other people that they think are cool.
They do it because they are scared to be rejected for being their true self.
Most people turn away, run and hide from the words 'I love you.'
More then likely they have had their heart broken.
So they now fear those words.
Scared to have it broken again.
Love can hurt.
it is like flames of fire burning every inch of your heart.
The flames of hell.
Ten thousand times more hotter then the buring sun rays.
The heart screams in pain while burning in to ashes.
That is how bad love can feel.

Comments about Flames Of Hell

It is inevitable that people should judge one another by their exterior guise, and if love is painful, it is no surprise people fear it.

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