§) Flash Back To My Very First Love(§

a flash back to my very first love when everything felt real and true

a tinder tounch of our skin in your embrace you hold me closer to you, you woun't let me fall, a silent love which touch our soul & heart

within purity of my heart i loved you too very much when words words remain in silent

you whisper to my ears tinderly
i love u, i love you, i.. Love... You...
You kissed my eyes & kisses my lips
i felt the passion of your love
how truly madly deeply you exspresd
but yet it long gone now

i treasures every moments
remembers how you needed me
closer to you all that times
when you were there in my life eventhough you hurts me & make me cry onces for the last

i forgive you for sure
i kept on runing back to you
in my last breath
in my mind
i knew i would lost you

i never knew that i lost you this fast
In my prays to god a prays for you
that she love you more
then i could

by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

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