NH ( / Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

My Needs

I'm a girl.
That what I'm
And am proud to be a girl.
I need not much but enough;
Enough that can make me grow up
Been recognise equally as you are
I can maybe do more than you;
If only am not taking for a fool;
Because am a mother of a nation;
Educate me you educate a generation.
I'm a girl.
Shout not, but guide me.
Push not, but please advise me.
Ignore my mistakes because am a child.
I need direction not fostration.
Be my mentors and not distractors.
Choose not for me, but pave the way for me to see.
I shouldn't grow by myself ideas.
I don't want to be free, but want freedom.
I'm a girl.
Fear not poverty and give me for early marriage.
because am ready not for teenage pregnancy.
if only I can be protected from harmful traditional practices;
I can be a proud price.
with your support I can be a pride.
Remember a proud woman can make a good bride.

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