(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

Flashlight's Flame

The fine flashlight's flame fills
The cold dark room of lies;
Replacing them with truth,
As found by seeking eyes.

The bright flashlight's flame fights
The deceit of devil;
Defeating the foe's guile,
By using the Lord's will.

Light of Father flashes,
Signalling from heaven;
Hear the words of wisdom,
Let ears and mind open.

Allow the heart to feel
The warmth of Father's flare;
Trust in the clear message,
Receive God's loving care.

Persuade those who are lured
By enticing tactics;
Help them find the right path,
Keep them from evil tricks.

Night is about to fall,
The shadows do the same;
Make the perfect faith glow,
Turn on the flashlight's flame.

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Comments (31)

Fun and imaginative poem about a flashlight.Really captures that sense of 'power' one might feel when using a flashlight just for fun and not for emergency measures which they are so often for. Nice poem about a basic daily activity and an action. Explaining the enigmatic power of daily acts! Great!
In the flashlights flame we see the enemy.
Only light can defeat darkness! God's light can not only neutralize the darkness of Satan, but also illumine the surroundings! Let light have the final victory! A beautiful poem coming from an enlightened heart! A sure 10
A wonderful poem! Brilliantly penned! My pleasure revisiting it!
Sometimes we need a little more light to guide us along the right path. Another brilliant poem Bernard.
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