(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Flattery Will Do It

I did remember the adage
about how flattery will get you
into the portals of all homes
and palaces, perhaps it can
secure an entry permit for
the Pearly Gates at that.

She was fresh-faced and pretty,
lovely legs, and freckles,
two dimples, mischievous
(and placed with great precision)
moist ruby lips and not a trace
of fur as often can be seen
adorning crazily the upper lip,
white skin, caressable and soft,
like light-pink velvet with a glow
that seemed to be created
from an inner light, perhaps her soul.

But she was flat, that is the best
that I can do with this description,
if anything there were two indentations
rather than those buds of Daisies
that look their best in May among
those thousands of green blades
of God's green grass, oh pity.

We did connect, in mind at first
and later carnally, please do forgive
and keep this whole account
in strictest confidence, my friends.

It was the strategy of ages that I used,
the very flatness had inspired me
to overwhelm her other assets
of which there were so many,
(kindly read my praises up above)
with blatant, humdinger but diplomatic
and dressed in pink chiffon, with Flattery.

It never fails, will even start a battery
so dead that not one spark remains.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Another funny ass poem...I think the fur over the ip line is the greatest.
Shame on you....lol!
You are terrible..........lets hope this woman is a figment of your strange imagination! (Very entertaining though!) Sincerely, Mary