Flawed Laws And Death

She gives him her all,
her heart, her world.
To take the fall,
her feeling hurled.

Hurled into a forbidden place,
of dark and no hope.
Where when you look at your face,
you know you can't let go.

Tossed her away,
like another toy.
Her parents did the same,
it wasn't just the boy.

Insults and feelings,
thrown in her face.
No possible healings,
just hiding them in a place.

A place not entered,
for years on end.
Was now the centre,
her only friend.

Noone helped,
'till it was to late.
Do you know how it fellt,
to feel that hate?

Apparently it was enough,
to push her too far.
Now what's left,
is a few pills and a dead girl.

Next time you insult someone,
with little or no shame.
For you it might just be fun,
but she can't be brought back again.

You know you murdered her, too bad the laws don't go against words...

by Everlasting Nightmare

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