HA ( / Canada)


Once upon a time,
I thought you were flawless.
Once upon a time,
I was fairly clueless.
I never thought I'd find a flaw,
in your perfect face.
I never thought I'd see through,
your perfect facade.
I loved you so much,
but it wasn't meant to be.
I loved you so much,
but now I see.
I see now,
but I still love you.
I see now,
now I see through.
But now,
although I'm still in love,
this love is full of heartbreak,
there's no one waiting to help up above.
I'm on my own,
I should have known.
Baby you're not flawless,
how did I not see?
You have the worst of flaws,
you only want my body.
You want my body,
just not me.
This is the most fatal flaw.
We were not meant to be.
It's not my destiny.

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Comments (2)

This was beautiful, im gald you realized this before it was too late. :)
very good poem. Sadly this happens a lot.