Fleeting Memories

Wandering through the allies of memories,
I have reached to those abandoned valleys-
which has molded with magical serenity
to hold the emblems of my lost infancy.

Yes; infancy,
which has molded with an unknown fluidity
and left only the scars on my trembling heart-
which will never be apart.
I rub them, try to make them disappear
but they indomitable past will never be subterfuge.

Wandering through valleys,
I have lost in the fragrance of solitude.
which reminds me those moistened beauties
from which I have passes through subtle liabilities.

I remember those soft meadows,
lying over which I were enjoying
the color of rainbow.
when the feathery green of grasses
were whispers in my ears;
I remember, my giggle which were echoing every where.

I try to catch those fleeting moments,
flying like colorful warms;
I have dived in the sea of time
and humming the nostalgic rhyme.
They provoke me, to be united with them
but when I elevate my arms
they be fooled me and flee at a glance.

by Sneha Nag

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very beautiful reflections on bygone moments.
A nice poetic imagination, Sneha. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks