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There are great clouds of life
Exploding and happening about me.
Great wondrous beginnings,
And dark ominous realities.

There are lots of things
I do not understand,
There is tomorrow,
And it is fleeting.
And always it is gone.
And love
Is the second fleeting chase,
Always slipping, always ebbing away.

Hard to remember
All the reasons for laughter,
Hard to remember,
The last moment you smiled,
Hard to understand forever,
Or even life, for a while.

But it's the moments,
The ever-fleeting rush of moments,
Sounds, lights, emotions and doubt.
The timeless questioning of why?

Of course, without an answer.
Of course, without the merest observation
Of an answer.
For tomorrow,
You may find the answers.
For tomorrow, you must.

And love.
It will drive you.
It will power you.
The one true fleeting moment,
The one world that is pure.
The one fleeting tomorrow
That will surround you
With laughter and smiles
And an ever-fleeting love.

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