In drifts in fleeting flight
He moves from my side
To a realm out of sight,
And like a rushing tide
His dark hair leaves stains
On my eyes, pushing me into
Too much stargazing.

His gong-heart muffles its beat
As I shatter into the room
And land on his fabriced feet
My heart all big in bloom.
Reels of daydream merge with skin
Freckles fall like flies,
Again, I tumble into phantasy.

He evokes light to whirl
Upwards in lilac twists,
Unfastens my hair to cascade in curls
Unbuttons my veiny wrists
Puffs up my lungs and
Forces my mouth to speak
Without tounge, rhyme or rythmn.

Upon brown plastic I am inside-out
Metal-legged, taped to escape
Shot through with doubt,
One glimpse of dark hair cut in that shape
Pulls my lips to smile at white on white
And hands griping sheets.
My fleshy dreams awake.


by Laura Russell

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