Poem By Analissa Range

Flying through the stary sky
Bright lights shining in my eyes
Cars zipping past far down below
People walking by

Flying through the moonlight sky
Trees and bushes speeding by
Wolves are howling at the moon
All the birds are sleeping

Flying through the brightening sky
Tons of water whooshing by
A small disturbance down below
Many whales are leaping

Flying through the sun drenched sky
Mountain reaching up to meet me
Eagles flying all around
Diving down to meet the ground

Flying through the darkening sky
White ground reaching all around me
Nothing moves nothing jumps nothing even flies
Bitter cold bites my nose
As I race on through the skies

Comments about Flight

Hey great poem, you should write more like this one!
Put on your wings and soar with the free. Use your imagination to be alone with nature. Reality will always here, we all have our escape, and yours is to be free.

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