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Flight From The Fall

Leaves fell like paratroopers behind
Enemy lines. Autumn laid ground
For assault of the witch's white flakes,
While winds like banshees rattle rooftops
With roads wet shivering below.
My thoughts migrate south with birds
To slip into a Caribbean sun.
I adjust my lens and eye the frontier
While streams draw a float to taste currents sweet
And search my drive for data.
But my radar beaten by years,
Struggles to function and I keel
Over fallen flats my mind struggles
To erect. Focus flashes no blueprint
To store. I stumble in an alley blank-
Turn back years of neglect to reel,
To spin, fine threads into familiar
Faces. Then through tunnel, time forges
A track and I trace screeches and screams
Across streets with slaps of laughter.
Blasts play havoc with my drums, but now,
In dead heat they blend with the beat of pulse.
Bands print notes and rhythms rob heads
Like rum and bank them in bones
That my feet recognize at a bounce.
The sea spits shells on beaches
Rolls out its blue blanket to rest
A white head on a pallid pillow.
Beyond waters, I cast my net to
Land the fishbone poor with skulls beating bricks
Upon building floors.
Houses nit arms and exchange hats in wind
And through walls secrets float like ghost
To possess tongues of dragons forked with flames.
A bullfinch silences a picoplat
With a tumble of tunes
And sparrow wraps its sweets and wings away.
I turn and cast off the quilt of dreams and
Realize night is still asleep but cold,
Like a bated Rottweiler still bites bones
And I wonder why I ever left the fold
Burnishing brazen brass into fool's gold.

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A nice poem, well articulated and beautifully penned. Thanks for sharing.