(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

Flight Of The Invisible

Amidst rising doubts and uncertainties
In quest of the golden skies in the east
In choosing to be a sinner or saint
Mighty he soars fast high his flight

Crossing the barriers and the unforeseen
Carrying a covenant through the years
Battling the lost unspent space and time
Way up, he flies on the wings of love...

Destiny dictates, to refuse or to ponder
Drawn with spoken words, love is to conquer
A matter of choice between matter of chance
I made up my mind to fly beneath his wings

The red-colored skies now bluer in the dusk
Fastly changing misty till the morning sun
The long appointed hour to flutter together
Became days and months and years and never

As clouds and skies grew dim and darker
The eagle's flight now hopelessly blinded
Stranded in space, blown by the gusty wind
Journey to the heart now a tarnished dream

The cruel time took its flight
The mighty eagle, never in sight
Lost somewhere or probably in space
Maybe in Venus, but never on Earth

The gale of the wind blown you afar
Or was it the gale of your words...
Bursted you off to infinity of shame?
On eagle's broken wings...
Flying in the face of guilt
It opted to fly invisible
To the skies of nowhere but lies

Bits and pieces of memories keep pouring in
On high mountain's cry, they echoed deep within
Drained cup of anticipation, dregs could be poison
As I pick up the pieces of these scattered thoughts

Of sighs, deception and painful distrust
Questions unanswered that dont seem to last
Regrets are bitter, remorse is desperate
Forget the unforgiven, hatred when fed is dead!

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