MH (10/13/1990 / )

Flight Of The Kites

Are you listening in? Did you hear it?
I'm waiting for your final view,
my sweet one,
running about the fall of the fruits from the trees we once believed to be our homes.
Open our mouths to be spoon fed a reason for a revolution against the tide and tradition of an American 'system'.
I forgot about the freedoms and the
feeling once you've drifted off to sleep.

Its over now... they've rested you once again.

Passing along the silk swarming your encased corpse.,
you will feel this; you will feel EVERY bit!
But when is it time to let go?
When is it going to be 'Brother, you're right...'
To an arm stretch
safe net is the culprit
cutting the ropes to plunge our way to the dead seas- to be is to be as I is to me!

Sometimes these feet get cold,
but I'm to lazy to
Show me these suns(/sons) and the songs that were sung
that I just could never memorize!
And hypnotize these foolish goons,
don't tell me it's too soon; I would of never have room,

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