(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Flirting With Mrs. Bluerinse

'Excuse me, young man,
do you mind? '
Even at the market
you find the unusual,
the exotic and the unexpected.

Her fingers were pointing
to a shelf, out of reach.
And she fluttered her eyelids
to complement
and accentuate her
blue-rinse hair.

A lone multi-pack
of toilet paper,
rolls, tightly packed,
two-ply and pink,
occupied lofty heights.

'Would you.....? '
I would. And I winked.
Eighty-five-plus was smiling
with pearly brilliance,

'A two dollar charge
applies normally,
for you, and if you are
in a hurrry...........',
nodding toward the rolls.
Great joke, judging from
her reaction, and
we talked a bit longer,
outwitting each other
with pleasant and clever

'You must surely be in love',
she said when we parted.

How could SHE tell?

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Yes, sometimes our elders are right. Reading your comments here, I can't wait until you get to before dawn, now that would get interesting! That's new territory for me (the type of poem) and I have no idea whether I am way out of my depth, so an opinion would be nice. Thanks, Herbert (L ist die lieblichste Blume.....) (from 'DU')