Mo-Vember Moaning

The fashion is for face-fur;
A tache is all the rage
But I won't join the race for
Moustache growing, at this stage.

Although, throughout Mo-vember
One ought, for charity,
Omit to shave; remember,
Face-fluff is not for me!

Whilst most folk have no trouble,
For me the simple catch is
I've tried designer stubble
That only grows in patches.

My whiskers sprout too wispy;
They're neither long nor lush.
Their colour is a mystery -
Salt and pepper, at a push!

In my opinion, no-one
Would like me with a beard
So I won't try to grow one
Though people think me weird.

by C Richard Miles

Comments (1)

Yes, sometimes our elders are right. Reading your comments here, I can't wait until you get to before dawn, now that would get interesting! That's new territory for me (the type of poem) and I have no idea whether I am way out of my depth, so an opinion would be nice. Thanks, Herbert (L ist die lieblichste Blume.....) (from 'DU')