Poem Hunter
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)


When I first seen you I knew you where mad chill
I taught you about how the East does it
You schooled me on the West
You showed me new artists to listen to
I showed you my obssesion for Tupac
Are first disscusion was marijuana
And how different it is from the West
You where my new buddy
We did almost everything together
You even seen me cry which no one really ever has
You helped me through some hard times
You stayed for almost a year, but I guess you couldn't make it
Towards the ending of your journey
You started dating my cousin
Which at first was cool
Then she turned everything around
Everyone was arguing with eachother
Because me and her didn't talk
I guess it meant you couldn't talk with me
Ok I see how it is
All I ever wanted was to have my buddy back
You finally broke up, but I saw that you loved her
How could you be in love with someone that hurts you?
Well I guess that's your own problem
I finally accepted the fact
I was never going to have my buddy back....

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