JD ( / Chicago)

Floating On Cold Water

No vanity fair magazine
to float on cold water
and arc further out
with sea moss and iodine kelp
and the run of slapping waves
then wash up sandy in ensenada

Near a cracked up automobile
breaking through a house rusted by sea life
insects ornery and electric
hang in the air
as Christmas ornaments
all unpacked

There is nothing to hear now

The water pipes broke in the house down there
and wood rot
deep root-flesh
took over for good

all salt
all junk

Between which
tiny blue flowers
will themselves up
through cold early dew
thick as a welcome mat

each a prism
of all the blue water
each obeying
in substance the sun

by Jimi Doyle

Comments (2)

Very nice. I especially like 'tiny blue flowers willing themselves up through cracks like carpet' If you like my 'Desire' poem, you will like the 'Need' and 'Your Kiss' poem also. thanks for compliments and I like your writing also. :) Susan
sparse but not sparse, you do a good job of editing yourself