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Floating Shadows Stroke Gentle Beauty.
AF (01/01/1939 / North - West Camberwell)

Floating Shadows Stroke Gentle Beauty.

Floating shadows stroke gentle beauty.
Your small hands in my strong hands.

A cheeky memory, your youth returning.
Conveying those smooth flat pebbles.

Love sings into your sweet soft heart.
Teardrops within dreamy blue eyes.

Butterflies linger on a yellow gorse bush.
Spiders weaving secret interpretations.

Lullaby's equally fill life's sweetness.
Whispering rose petals softly falling.

Oblivious goats roam happy in heaven.
Velvet deer paws on mountain peaks.

Untrodden enchanting crisp white snow.
Heaven descending from silver clouds.

Spring glory, yielding slopes fall away.
Unroll melt into rivers, divine deep lakes.

In a paradise those mysterious dreams.
Blending into green wandering pastures.

Just Take English Verse.
Spread on your desktop.
Unlock that secret within.
And an ode springs forth.

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Comments (2)

Brilliant write. You have vividly capture wonderful images that make the poem soooo relaxing and delighful. 💗😊10
This conjures up some pictures to treasure... and yes, you penned it well. t x