Poem Hunter
(January 7,1988 - September 17,2078 / Columbus, OH)


You arn't floating
your stomach is red and swollen
and I havn't seen you move in months
but you arn't floating

A fog has moved over you
and you are now a bit bigger
but you arn't floating

You were floating
but you arn't anymore

and the beetle
that homes the skeleton of your friend
the vacuum
who has been in it
before you were floating
is no longer
where you go
when i'm not around

you never said a word to me
but you were the only one
who didn't float
when the others did

your name was Fido
but you didn't bark
and you looked like a newborn puppy
who didn't know how to walk.
so you swam.

and now
you are no longer floating
but you were
and I don't want you to go
because I'm not ready yet

but I should probably clean out my fish tank.
sometime this year.

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