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(September 3,1931- ~20? ? / Chelsea, Massachusetts, Amerika)


Poem By Dementia DeSalvo

And burn did the long-lived in her blood;
The night and the dove,
and one flaming in Nix' sight

There is one tree a nest and Nix' throne
And the turtle fled,
the bird of wonder gone, the maiden Nix lives alone

Nix, the villan and an enemy,
And I, Your Lord's servent

What flashes now! , She cries
Get you gone
Were man as powerful as I. 'Od's are my will
the turtle fled!

What took Nix and her fraught from candy?
My house was at the call? wast thou mad,
My ashes, as the phoenix, may bring forth
Death is now Nix' nest
And I as a phoenix shall make death afeard.

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